Statutory audit

By getting to know your business, our enthusiastic audit team will be able to apply our rigorous and deep knowledge to your circumstances.

We will provide you with a critical review of your business and not just comply with statutory requirements.

Whether your business is small or large, privately owned and managed, we ensure we balance the rigid requirements of compliance with your need to continue running your business successfully. We will endeavour to reduce the disruption that can be associated with the audit process, whilst developing significant insight into your business activities and its financial controls. This insight will uncover potential opportunities to help improve your business performance.

All members of our audit team have undergone internal training, helping them balance their technical ability with a commercial and practical approach. We always try to use the same team members for all subsequent audits, allowing them to get to know you and your business. Working this way prevents you paying for time spent learning about your processes each time the audit is undertaken.

We make a full review of all financial controls and will advise, if and how, they might be improved. Repetitive tasks are highlighted and current working practices are looked at with a view to help streamline the flow of information. We will also evaluate your current business systems to determine if they meet your current, or more importantly, future requirements.

Our audit offers you a real snapshot of your business performance. It will reveal key trends, highlight areas of profitability, alert you to new opportunities and warn of any potential problems. We hope to show you that the audit is as much an opportunity as it is a necessary requirement and expense to your business.

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